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In Business cash is king. Its a fact that those companies which always treat their capital (cash) as a scarce resource (even in times of plenty) are typically more successful over the long term than those that don’t. It’s for this reason that businesses across all sectors lease an even wider variety of business assets - from  Transport such as Airplanes, trucks and cars to furniture, scientific instruments, medical equipment, Fairground rides and telecommunications equipment. 

When you lease you : 
conserve capital 
pay while you use it instead of before.
you don’t need to wait to create the capital to purchase or acquire the asset
use the lessor’s cash and let the productivity gains or cash savings generate the capital to cover the ongoing costs
Businesses which lease make fewer compromises on what they acquire and can generally afford to buy more.

There is a reason why every single FTSE 100 company and all of the major accountancy firms lease. It makes sound financial sense.
why not LeaseYour.IT

Who we are

LeaseYourIT, based in East Anglia, offer alternative options for procuring IT equipment via the attractive leasing model.

Don't tie up precious capital in equipment that rapidly loses value. Instead, safeguard your liquidity by leasing yout IT and office systems. The leasing terms protect capital and give you greater leverage and leeway when it comes to credit lines with banks and suppliers. The capital cost is spread across the leased item's entire service life. Gone are the days of buying equipment outright before it has begun to pay its way.

What can we do for you ?

We are happy to offer a Trade-Up option, with this you can replace leased items with newer technology within the terms of contract - with out necessarily increasing your leasing payments!

We are specialists with complete knowledge of what we offer and how to implement it. We work very closely with our sister company One Hundred Proof Ltd whos employees have over 30 years of combined IT, Networks and Security knowledge and a proven track record.

The process is simple: Choose the equipment you need (minimum value of £500), or tell us what you want to achieve and we will offer sugestions based on our knowledge. We will then approve the finance by means of a soft credit check (this does not show on credit reports). The order is then fulfilled and delivered to you, or installed by our 

  • Fast Delivery

    Once a Quote is approved and passes finance approval your order can be with you next day or if you choose installation we can then schedule an engineer to help you

  • Support

    Remote and On Site support packages for the IT systems you lease are available and can be bundled in with the overall cost

  • Best Quality

    We only choose to supply the best in breed manufacturers, tried and tested you are getting the best.